Privacy Policy

Here at Followal, we take our customers privacy very seriously. We always ensure that our customer’s private data remains private and is not accessible to any other third party without our customers’ prior permission.

This Privacy policy applies to all of Followal’s services, unless specified otherwise. There may be additions to this document based on newer features added to the Followal app


1. How privacy works at Followal

1.1 For Chat function

At Followal, all your data is encrypted and stored in a central database. Whenever the customer wants the data, it is decrypted and shown to the customer. Followal does not view the data without the permission of the customer.

1.2 For Jobs Function

Prospective candidates can post their resumes online on Followal. However, they cannot post a document, instead, they have to fill a form. Here, it is optional to give a number for the same.

On the other hand, employers too have to fill a form on the Followal app and then they can view the resumes of prospective candidates. The employers can first chat with the candidates and then ask for their mobile numbers to take the conversations forward.

2. The privacy principles used at Followal

Currently, we do not use your data for giving you any third party ads. Your data is stored with us only for ensuring that the app runs smoothly and without any issues.

2.1 Transfer of data from one source to another

We may transfer your data from one database to another due to technical reasons or if we are restructuring, merging or having any managerial changes to the company behind the Followal app.

2.2 The data that we store

At Followal, we store your data that you give starting with your mobile phone number, name and date of birth. Additionally we also sync the contacts in your address book and seek access to your gallery. All these are used when you use multimedia to send or receive data on your phone.

3. Data that is automatically collected

3.1 Device and Connection Information

At Followal, we collect device specific information like the hardware model, browser used, IP address, mobile network information and other data so that we can ensure that the app is running well on all types of devices. We also collect device location information so that we can view locations nearby. We also collect technical data automatically so that there are no chances of the app not working properly at any time.

3.2 Status Information

Besides this, we also collect the times when you are online or offline or when you last used our services  or last updated our app to show other users and for other app related purposes.

3.3 How Followal uses data

Followal uses your phone number as a unique identifier to chat with others on the app. Before syncing the contacts from your phone, Followal first asks for your permission. For those who are not on Followal, you can give them an invite to use the app.

3.4 Commercial Messaging

Followal will allow you and other commercial establishments to use this platform to communicate with their customers for various reasons. For example, you may get invoices, tickets and other marketing messages and content on the Followal app. However, you may choose to reject them and we at Followal will ensure that your choices are honoured.

4. Followal takes the following permissions from you

4.1 For location

Followal uses the services of Google to get you this feature. By allowing people to access your location, Followal helps its users to find you whenever necessary

4.2 For Storage

Followal requests permission for storing multimedia on your phone’s internal and external memory.

4.3 For Camera

Followal requests permission to use the camera while using the app.

4.4 For internet

Without this, Followal cannot work.

4.5 For Audio/video recording

Followal takes your permission to record audio/video files and store it whenever needed.

4.6 For contacts reading and writing

With this permission, Followal can sync your contacts with those available on Followal and for those who aren’t on the app, you can easily invite them by sending a request.

5. Cases in which we may divulge your information

Though we are just decrypting and keeping this decrypted information at our databases at all times, we may also divulge your information in the event of-

  1. Government requests or requests under the rule of law
  2. Alleged violations of the terms and conditions of the Followal app
  3. Alleged violations of the law of the land by our customers
  4. Protection of the customers rights to ensure that the customers do not have to face any kinds of viruses or bugs while using the application.

5.1 Data retention

The data stored in our database is stored till it is necessary to be stored. If it needs to be deleted, we will let you know in advance.

6. Rights you have for your personal data

6.1 You have the right to

  1. Request a copy of your personal data that we have stored
  2. Delete a section of the data
  3. Correct any inaccurate data which may be stored on our database
  4. Lodge a complaint with the relevant authorities regarding any alleged misuse of your data.

7. Cookies

At Followal, we use Cookies to enhance the user experience. These are text based cookies which customize the experience, you should ensure that your web browser allows you to display these cookies. You can also block cookies from your web browser, but by doing this you may not be able to use Followal properly.

8. Your personal data is shared with the following parties

8.1 Other Followal users

Those Followal users who choose to communicate with you through the app are the main people with whom you are sharing your personal data through the Followal app. By approving the terms and conditions of the Followal app while installing, you approve that you allow Followal to share personal information to the people you wish to communicate with through the app.

8.2 The Company or its Subsidary(ies)

As of now, Followal is an app which does not have any sister concerns. If it does so in the future, the company may transfer your personal data collected at the time of registration for marketing and other commercial purposes.

9. Law Enforcement Agencies

If Followal receives a court order or is directed to share data for a particular person, it will do so whenever needed. This is a rare occasion and will be done only when there are serious allegations against any of the Followal users.

By sharing the data on the Followal app, you also agree that your personal data may be stored by the company and may be transferred to subsidiary companies of Followal for various uses. However, Followal assures you that your personal data is not compromised and used for illegal means.

10. Managing your information

With the Followal app, you can alter, delete or limit the information that is displayed on the app at any particular time using the following tools:

10.1 Service Settings

You can change your service settings to manage information available to other users. You can do so by using the block feature and manage the contact, group and broadcast lists whenever needed.

10.2 Changing your personal details like your mobile number, status message and profile name

You can change your profile picture, status message and your mobile number on the Followal app whenever you need to. The app has all the features available for this.

10.3 Deleting your Followal account

You can delete your Followal account using our in-app Delete function. This will delete all the chats, your account and all other details related to your account. However, other users may use the app as it is and will only not be able to communicate with you if you delete your account from the app.

10.4 Deleting data

You can delete your data from the Followal app by doing so on the deactivation page. This will remove all the messages, multimedia, Followal contacts and other data that has been generated with the app. Once you do this, it cannot be undone.

11. Copyright and Trademark infringment

If you come across any content that you feel is infringing on the content of others, you may report this to Followal by mailing the same at

Once, we are sure that the content that you have mailed us infringes on the copyright or trademark of others, we will surely remove it from the app.